Projects and Initiatives

The Weltacker is a place of education in the field

Dialogue fields field, pasture and forest – part of the initiative Weltacker 2000m²

The Weltacker was opened in May 2017 with the Weltacker Zukunft 2000m² and gave the starting signal for the future development of the farms and the region. In the village of Rothenklempenow, the seat of the BioBoden cooperative and the farm community of Pomerania, from A for field bean, F for flax to Z for courgettes, various cultures of the global cultivation area were planted on 2,000 m² to create awareness for the use of the soil and nutrition as the basis of life with this interactive open-air exhibition. As part of the Future 2000m2 initiative, the dialogue field was created by calculating the global arable land area of 1.4 billion hectares divided by the number of earthlings and thus approx. 2,000 m² per capita. This manageable area, on which everything that the individual consumes in the year must grow, not only triggers discussions about the necessary economic and agricultural change. Innovative visions of the future and approaches to solutions as well as astonishing findings from the last two years will be made visible from May 2019 and thus offer a rich basis for an expansion of the field of dialogue. In addition to the Weltacker there will be Zukunft 4700m² pasture and Zukunft 5200m² forest, through which innovative concepts of use are thought and calculated more comprehensively and serve to make visible.